Antonio López Varela
Antonio López Varela1950-2014

The company

MEYME S.A. was founded in 1982 in Oviedo by Antonio López Varela, our initial activity was focused on the assembly of electrical enclosures, installations and maintenance.

In 1990 we moved to our current location at Silvota Business Park, at the very heart of Asturias industrial area giving us the chance to increase our production and extend the field of work in engineering.

Throughout these 30 years and under his leadership, MEYME S.A. has evolved into what is known today as an efficient and professional engineering firm providing services for the most important companies nationally and internationally.

MEYME S.A. has nowadays the best technical means as well as a human team with extensive training and specialization. Our goal is to carry out successfully any project related to electrical installations, automation and industry 4.0.

The mission of our founder has always been the search of excellence and perfection in the service to our clients, firmly believing in long-term relationships based on openness and honesty, strongly believed by every employee at MEYME S.A.