In this section we include several areas in which we also have implementation: Mining, cement industry, water treatment, chroming and electric heat tracing.

Main references


Aurelio del Valle and Emilio del Valle mineshafts for AEG.
  • Detailed engineering, electrical installation and technical support in the commissioning of hoists.
Maria Luisa mineshaft hoists No.1 & No.2 (Hunosa).
  • Periodical inspection & maintenance.
  • Boarding automation.
ABB & Felguera mines:
Maria Luisa mineshaft hoist No. 1 (Hunosa), La Camocha mineshaft hoist, Carrio mineshaft hoist (Hunosa), Maria mineshaft hoist (Encasur).
  • Machines and auxiliary equipment detailed engineering (boarding & transport), electrical installation, automation and commissioning.
Rio Narcea Gold Mines.
  • Design and assembly of electrical enclosures for converters.
  • Vacuum tests.


Tudela Veguín:
Electrical installation in 15 Ton. lime dehydration plant Aboño factory, Asturias (Spain).
  • Motor control center supply, electrical enclosure, lighting and condenser battery.
  • Assembly and commissioning for CIMPROGETTI.
Electrical installation for optimization and automation of grinding in No.2 cement grinder in La Robla, Leon (Spain).
  • Detailed electrical engineering (Medium and low voltage), project execution, interface design to connect to SCAP DCS.
  • Motor control center manufacturing, installation assembly , instrumentation and commissioning.
Slag grinding plant in Cementos del Cantabrico factory in Aboño, Asturias (Spain).
  • Detailed electrical engineering, control development for ABB.
  • Motor control center manufacturing and assembly including commissioning.
Cement mixing plant in Cementos del Cantabrico for IBAU-Hamburg.
  • Detailed electrical engineering, supervision & control development.
  • Motor control center manufacturing and assembly including commissioning.
DOPOL tower modification in Cementos del Cantabrico for Polysisus.
  • Electrical app design and detailed engineering in T-20 conveyor belt extension.
  • Assembly and commissioning.
Coal grinding plant installation extension in Cementos del Cantabrico for Polysius.
  • Design and manufacturing of electrical enclosures, calculations, detailed engineering to integrate with the pre-existing facilty and Klockner Moeller PLC programming.
  • Assembly and commissioning.


INTERMALTA water treatment facility, Navarra (Spain).
  • Electrical enclosure design, PLC system and programming.
  • Electrical installation assembly and commissioning.
Ash extraction system in Meirama Power Plant, Coruña (Spain).
  • Design and electrical enclosure assembly.
  • PLC system and programming, electrical installation supervision and commissioning.
Water treatment facility Lada Power plant, Asturias (Spain).
  • Electrical installation and automation with Simatic S5-115U PLC.


Chroming plant installation for DFM Engineering (China).
  • Design and assembly of electrical enclosures, control desk, electrical schemes.
  • PLC programming and supervision of the whole facility.
  • Assembly supervision and commissioning.


Several collaborations with BARTEC, Spanish specialist in electrical heat tracing, undertaking tasks such as designing electrical enclosures, electrical engineering, assembly and commissioning of the different systems that this firm supplies.